I made plans a while ago to return to my parents' place so I get to spend Mother's Day with my mum this year. Unfortunately, something came up at work and my trip was delayed. I was so disappointed about the delay I felt like taking a weekend off baking. But a friend convinced me... Continue Reading →

┬áIt has been so many rainbow cakes since the very first time I made one of these. And I think this is definitely one of my favourite "celebration cake", just because the colours are so vibrant, and despite what I always thought, it really doesn't taste half bad either. I am using the same rainbow... Continue Reading →

Every time I saw meringue cookies in a bakery, I walked past them without a second thought. It was just something I never thought I would waste calories on. Boy, was i wrong. Apparently, when done right, meringue cookies are absolutely scrumptious. And the scary thing is, since it tastes so light, you would just... Continue Reading →

Ever since I discovered Swiss meringue buttercream, I have never wanted any other buttercreams for my cakes. The texture is light and creamy and is smooth enough that it looks great piped as decoration. And it freezes well too. All you need to do is to thaw it in the fridge then re-whipped it for... Continue Reading →

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