Sometimes one just want some "comfort" dessert. And what could be more of a "comfort" than peanut butter and jelly. I have been wanting to glaze a savarin shaped entremet for the longest time and I was quite pleased at how my first attempt turned out. However, I learnt that this required quite a good... Continue Reading →

I have been fascinated by these "chocolate fingers" I have been seeing on my Instagram feed for the longest time. But somehow it just did not seem to make it into my baking list. Until this weekend. I have been craving something chocolatey. Not just chocolate, but layers of chocolate, and nuts, and caramel. I... Continue Reading →

When people are tired from work, they drink. When I am tired from work, I crave for a good dessert. But since my weekend is super short, I had to make do with what is in the freezer. I had leftover passion fruit mousse from a few weeks ago. And it took less than an... Continue Reading →

I have always been curious about the chocolate and passion fruit pairing. The Mogador macaron from Pierre Hermé is a little too tart for me. So for my attempt, I decided to tone down the passion fruit for a bit. To prepare the passion fruit purée, I scrapped the seeds out of 6 fruits, bring... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you see a picture of a dessert, and you just can't shake off the idea. And that was exactly what happened to me since I saw the picture of a batch of matcha brownies from a fellow IG baker. The strange thing is, I was never a big fan of matcha. I drink a... Continue Reading →

 I have to use up some sour cream so, cream cheese brownies it is. Since I had such a great success with this in the past, I decided to give it another go. And I am happy to report, it is a consistent success.

 Brownies are proof that delicious things do not have to be complicated. I do not know why, even after my previous pleasant experience with brownies, it is just never my thing. When I am planning my weekend bakes, I never think "let me bake some brownies this weekend". However, when I saw these delicious brownies... Continue Reading →

I used to dislike brownies. I could probably attribute that to an ex-colleague of mine, who used to bring us these brownies, which were dry and cakey. And just totally spoil the idea of brownies for me. Until I tasted these super awesome brownies from a local bakery. It was so good, for a whole... Continue Reading →

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