My last tiramisu was a bit of a disaster - mostly because it didn't taste like a tiramisu at all! So this one I wanted to go back to basic, and go with a classic tiramisu recipe. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a recipe from an actual Italian grandma, so I went for the next best... Continue Reading →

Crêpe cakes are all the rage ever since the first Lady M boutique opened its doors on this little island. Personally, I am not a big fan of crêpes, cakes or Suzette, or any other forms. I would eat them, but, they are just not the first item I'd pick off the menu. But then,... Continue Reading →

Strange that it took me so long to make salted caramel macarons, considering it is my very favourite macaron flavour. I guess I was just worried that I couldn’t get it right. As much as I love Pierre Hermé’s macarons, somehow, I was just unimpressed with his salted caramel macaron. So, I was at a... Continue Reading →

I absolutely loved the almond flavoured sponge cake for the tiramisu cake I made last week. So much so that I made a small batch of it into some cupcakes, to use up the remaining mascarpone frosting. And drizzled them generously with the coffee and kahlua syrup. And they are delicious. Simple and light (and light... Continue Reading →

Thanks to Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, I have finally discovered the secret to baking a nice and flat cake, which is perfect for making layered cakes.  And this is the perfect recipe for using my new bake even strips. Since I followed the original recipe to the T, i figure there is no need to duplicate it. I have... Continue Reading →

These cupcakes are absolutely delicious. Probably one of my favorite cupcakes to date, and I have eaten many, many cupcakes. This is an amalgam of the Hummingbird Bakery’s version as well as a tip on the chocolate ganache from Allison Robicelli. I made more cupcakes than I intended to, so I ate a few of... Continue Reading →

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