This is another one of those bakes which is proof that practice makes perfect. I first made this over 4 years ago, just shortly after I started baking. I shall not elaborate on that as a picture speaks a thousand words. Fast forward 4 years, after countless entremet, mousse, oven burns and random kitchen accidents... Continue Reading →

I have made several attempts at making pâte à choux, and finally, I got a success story to tell. Well, partly successful. I kind of over baked the cream puffs, but, at least they did not shrink on me. And they actually tasted quite good, even without the pastry cream filling. All thanks to the... Continue Reading →

I am practising decorating chocolate cakes for my friend’s birthday, and decided to try out 2 recipes I been looking at for a while, Rose Berenbaum’s moist chocolate genoise and chocolate cream and chocolate glaze from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery. The recipe I ended up using was adapted from the 2 books above: Makes one... Continue Reading →

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