The first time I heard about this super rich Italian dessert was a few years ago when I was discussing baking with an Italian colleague from Sicily. As a chocolate lover, I was very intrigued. But, there aren't too many recipes online and I certainly couldn't find any in my stash of recipe books. So,... Continue Reading →


You know you can never go wrong with cheesecake and caramelised white chocolate. Especially when the recipe is from one of the winner of my favourite baking show. These tarts looked so elegant as they are I did not feel the need to anything more than a small pinch of fleur de sel to each... Continue Reading →

It is dessert week on the Great British Bake Off. And for the first time, I was so intrigued by a recipe I just can't wait to try it! This is the first time I made dacquoise and to be honest, I am not entirely sure how it should taste. According to Mary Berry and... Continue Reading →

Have been wanting to try out this recipe for a while, but somehow just never got to it until now. (Also, there were some pretty delicious looking loafs in The Great British Bake-Off a while back, which motivated me to bake one for myself.) Since I have some macadamias in my fridge, I decided to use... Continue Reading →

I was never a big fan of carrot cakes. I appreciate a good slice, particularly when it is smothered in a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. But I’d take a slice of chocolate cake over it any day. However, I was meeting up with my mentor for dinner, and he had specifically requested for... Continue Reading →

I am a HUGE fan of The Great British Bake Off, and I mean, HUGE. I must have watched every season at least 3 times, and some episodes even more! In fact, it was one of the thing that got my baking in the first place (together with the rainbow cake story). And ask any... Continue Reading →

The latest series of The Great British Bake Off finally opened last week. And the very first challenge of the season was - the Swiss roll. Apparently, what the judges were looking for was a tight roll and the perfect swirl. I reckon the flavour is also a given. I have made Swiss rolls in... Continue Reading →

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