This is one of my very early bake (week 9!), which I remember very fondly. When I tasted this cheesecake for the very first time, I thought, "Wow, I can't believe I could bake something so delicious!" So this weekend, as I was craving cheesecake, and was wondering which cheesecake recipe to bake, this recipe... Continue Reading →


Crêpe cakes are all the rage ever since the first Lady M boutique opened its doors on this little island. Personally, I am not a big fan of crêpes, cakes or Suzette, or any other forms. I would eat them, but, they are just not the first item I'd pick off the menu. But then,... Continue Reading →

Every time I saw meringue cookies in a bakery, I walked past them without a second thought. It was just something I never thought I would waste calories on. Boy, was i wrong. Apparently, when done right, meringue cookies are absolutely scrumptious. And the scary thing is, since it tastes so light, you would just... Continue Reading →

It has been more than a year since the last time I baked this, and it definitely brought back memories, good ones. This time I added a full tablespoon of dark rum. For a while there, I was worried it might be too full, but it turned out to be just nice. Christmassy yummy goodness.

I have been looking for a good cheesecake recipe, but, gosh, they all require so much cream cheese! Not that I was being cheap (although, maybe a little), but I just didn’t want to spend so much on something that I was not sure would turn out good. So when I came across this recipe, which... Continue Reading →

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