Prosciutto is such an expensive treat in Singapore, and the once or twice I tried it, I really was not impressed. So, despite the fact the original Paul Hollywood recipe uses prosciutto, I just couldn't be bothered to use them in my loaves. When I was in Europe I while back, I decided to bring... Continue Reading →


The ladies of the baking community in my neighbourhood is looking for someone to conduct a session on baking assorted bread rolls. And in the spirit of volunteering, I decided to bake up some of my favourite garlic rolls to see if "they" qualify. These rolls are baked using the $5K starter dough from a... Continue Reading →

Roasted garlic is a staple in my freezer. It is my go-to condiment to give every savoury bake that extra flavour boost. So it is only appropriate that sooner or later, I bake a sourdough loaf flavoured with roasted garlic. I used the same proportion of starter, flour, oil, water and salt as my earlier... Continue Reading →

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