My last few weeks have been totally swamped at work - and weekends were spent playing video games. 😅 I was also trying to finish up the dessert in my freezer so I took a break from the kitchen. Well, I'm back now, hopefully. This is a rather belated Valentine's Day post. I had this... Continue Reading →

Another birthday, but, last one of the year. Phew. As I was away for a trip the weekend before, I decided to go back to my simple and trusted red velvet cheesecake cake recipe. I guess it helps that the birthday girl likes both red velvet and cheesecake - what a coincidence! The best thing... Continue Reading →

Despite the scary calorie content, I just couldn’t help myself from making another one of this yummy red velvet cheesecake cake. This time however, I cut the recipe in half and baked them in 6-inch cake tins. And for the frosting, I made a variation of cream cheese frosting using a batch of Swiss Meringue... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine helped get me a bottle of port from the airport duty-free, so, as a reward, I thought I would bake a cake for his birthday. As I was trawling online for something interesting, I came across this recipe. Red velvet cake, which is essentially chocolate cake, with a layer of cheesecake.... Continue Reading →

I believe I have found my perfect red velvet cupcake recipe. Well, with just a little tweaking based on the many comments. Makes 15 cupcakes INGREDIENTS For cakes 155 g flour 20 g unsweetened cocoa powder ½ teaspoon baking soda ¼ teaspoon salt 115 g butter, softened 190 g sugar 2 eggs 115 g sour... Continue Reading →

I love chocolate and I love peanut butter, so, a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting seemed like the perfect thing to bake. Unfortunately, it did not work out too well for me. The cupcake cracked quite a bit even when I was baking it at a rather low temperature, and the peanut butter frosting... Continue Reading →

Divine. Despite the recent popularity of salted caramel, I could never pick up a batch of cupcakes from the shops without buying at least one red velvet cupcake. So, it seems appropriate that I give this recipe from Martha Stewart a try. Makes 20 cupcakes INGREDIENTS For frosting 4 ounces unsalted butter, room temperature 6 ounces... Continue Reading →

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