I am officially addicted to Johan Martin's recipes! I browsed the pages every evening, trying to decide which recipe to try next. And this week, I decided to try an "oldie but goldie", the classic chocolate and raspberry combination. This entremet is made up of milk chocolate and raspberry supreme layer, enrobed by a generous... Continue Reading →

What's better than a decadent, dark chocolate dessert for Valentine's Day? Trick question. There's nothing better, really. But, to break with tradition, and a close personal second favourite, I decided to make something without chocolate. This petit gâteau is an amalgamation of a few of my favourite non-chocolate components. The only thing I needed to... Continue Reading →

I was having a particularly bad baking weekend as the Poire D'Eve entremet I had been eyeing for the longest time turned out to be kinda "bleh". (Although later, I warmed to the taste and liked it quite a bit.) In order to redeem the weekend, I decided to bake an early birthday cake as a... Continue Reading →

 After my earlier practice run, I am glad these little French cookies were very well received during our office barbecue. In fact, one guy said it was even better than Ladurée. That definitely made my day. Maybe it's time to think up more flavours.

 As the end of year approaches, friends and colleagues are organising many get-togethers. And for one particular activity, the nice host asked if I would be so kind as to bake some macarons. When asked what his favourite flavour is, he thought for a while and said, "pistachio", and for his kids, "raspberry". Sounds like... Continue Reading →

Been wanting to try my hand at making soufflés for a while, and finally had the chance to do it last Friday night when I have a friend over for dinner. I was not a big fan of soufflés but, I just needed to see what the type is about. It is crazy expensive to... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine was celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and asked if I could help bake a batch of “pink and green” macarons. Haha. This is the first time someone requested a specific colour instead of flavour, giving me the space to experiment for a bit. After some research, I decided to go back... Continue Reading →

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