So, I have this friend who hates chocolate! I know, right. How would I possibly befriend someone who hates chocolate?!? But we've known each other for ages and, chocolate aside, she's been a good friend to me. We were planning a Lunar New Year gathering and as we discussed dessert, I told this friend that... Continue Reading →

 It has been so many rainbow cakes since the very first time I made one of these. And I think this is definitely one of my favourite "celebration cake", just because the colours are so vibrant, and despite what I always thought, it really doesn't taste half bad either. I am using the same rainbow... Continue Reading →

I have been holding off working with fondant for the longest time. First, because I think it's such a waste of food, as no one really likes eating the sugary fondant. And second, it's so much work! I finally decided to give it a go as a good friend asked if I could help make... Continue Reading →

I am not a big fan of kids, but, I do love any reason to bake a rainbow cake. Since I will be bringing this cake to a “family” barbecue, where there is going to be a lot of little kiddies, I thought a fairytale-style decoration should be appropriate. So, here it is. I went... Continue Reading →

To celebrate a good friend’s birthday, I decided to bake a rainbow cake, hoping to put a smile on her face when she cuts into the cake. The irony of it was, I decided to bake this cake the morning after a crazy Friday night out drinking! I don’t normally share anecdotes as this is... Continue Reading →

The latest series of The Great British Bake Off finally opened last week. And the very first challenge of the season was - the Swiss roll. Apparently, what the judges were looking for was a tight roll and the perfect swirl. I reckon the flavour is also a given. I have made Swiss rolls in... Continue Reading →

A friend of mine ordered a rainbow cake for her colleague’s birthday. And since the birthday girl does not like chocolate, we decorated the cake with lemon-flavoured cream cheese frosting. I pretty just did a huge batch of the filling I used for my lemon macarons, and according to my friend, it was delicious! And... Continue Reading →

It was a rainbow cake that finally got me started on baking. So it seems appropriate to bake one to celebrate the birthday of the friend who helped got me my Kitchen Aid mixer, even if all I could give him was a picture of the completed cake. After browsing through tonnes of recipes, most... Continue Reading →

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