This is a picture of the last loaf sourdough loaf I baked just before I left for my German trip. I was out of cheddar and ended up using the parmesan that’s been “aging” in my fridge. As parmesan is not as melty, I cut them into tiny cubes in the hope of incorporating them... Continue Reading →

Our favourite things during our childhood tend to carry a special weight all through our adult life. And I think that's exactly what my grandmother's "cheese straws" meant to me. That is one of my favourite and most memorable cookies during the Lunar New Year (yes, even more than the pineapple tarts!), and it's always... Continue Reading →

 Some friends were over for dinner this weekend to savour the generous cheese spread I lugged back from my recent work trip to Malta. Since it has been a while since I last baked a tart, I thought it'd be nice for my dinner guests. I was torn between doing a classic quiche Lorraine or... Continue Reading →

Once in a while, you come across a bread recipe that is easy, delicious and healthy, relatively. On those occasions, you rejoice and enjoy the fruits of your finding. This parmesan cheese bread recipe is one such occasion. These bread rolls are rather chewy and the addition of the parmesan makes it more “colourful” than... Continue Reading →

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