The first time I had kueh kosui was at a local Eurasian restaurant, Folklore. Their rendition of the traditional dessert was so good that I went back for dinner shortly after, just so I could have this delicious dessert again. Since then, I have tried kueh kosui from a few of the traditional dessert places,... Continue Reading →

"Kueh sarlat" or "kueh seri muka" is one of the popular traditional snack in Malaysia and Singapore. And while it is fairly cheap and easy to buy these, it is not easy to find really good ones. And nothing beats homemade, with freshly squeezed coconut milk no less! The green custard layer is made with... Continue Reading →

I believe I have found the formula for that perfect light and fluffy pandan chiffon cake. The ingredients are pretty much the same as the original recipe I was using. But the method was tweaked for a bit, and I think, it does help to make the cake extra light - just how I like... Continue Reading →

My biggest baking fail thus far. I know, it looked alright. And immediately after it was done, it tasted alright. Something was off, but, I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. After a night in the refrigerator, I found out what was wrong - it was too salty! 1 tsp in the pandan kaya... Continue Reading →

I am still searching for that perfect pandan chiffon cake. I am playing around with the original recipe I used. In fact, taste-wise, I think it is perfect. But I just cannot stand that it is like earthquake every time I take the cake out of the oven! Someone suggested that, instead of stiff peaks,... Continue Reading →

Strange as it sounds, the best pandan chiffon I have ever tasted was over a Asian-French fusion brunch, at a posh 6-star hotel. It was so good and light that it’s literally like “eating air”! Air which tasted of the fragrant pandan leaves and coconut milk with lingering sweetness so mild that it balances your... Continue Reading →

My mum wanted a crash course on making pandan chiffon cake, so, I gave her one. I know it’s not fair, since i have had numerous practice, but, don’t you think this looked so much better than my first attempt?

I was having a strange craving for pandan cake. But, I wanted to do something other than chiffon cake. So, why not a Swiss roll? This cake turned out to be delicious, and super simple too. Adapted from this recipe, this took less than hour to make. I used some Swiss meringue vanilla buttercream I... Continue Reading →

There is just something about pandan chiffon cake that brings back memories of childhood. And even though I am not big on chiffon cakes, somehow, I just thought I should take up the challenge. I decided to go with Christine’s version of this recipe, since I enjoyed the Japanese cheesecake so much. And then I realised,... Continue Reading →

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