Somewhere in the middle of the week, I got this sudden craving for some foccacia. And since I have been baking most of my bread sans commercial yeast, I decided to give sourdough foccacia a try. But it's so hard to find sourdough foccacia recipe online, in metric sale. So finally I decided to just... Continue Reading →


You can't really go wrong with the classics, and nothing says classics like the quiche Lorraine. I always said I will not bake for the next potluck, but somehow I always do. And sometimes, more than one, or two, items! Since I figured I'll be in over my head with our Christmas Eve dinner this... Continue Reading →

Two quiches in the span of a month! Crazy, right? Actually, these mini quiches are made with leftover dough from my last quiche. And as much as I love the spinach quiche, I miss a good ol' classic quiche Lorraine. So, here it is. Fully packed with bacon and onions (boy, I love onions!) and a... Continue Reading →

 Some friends were over for dinner this weekend to savour the generous cheese spread I lugged back from my recent work trip to Malta. Since it has been a while since I last baked a tart, I thought it'd be nice for my dinner guests. I was torn between doing a classic quiche Lorraine or... Continue Reading →

 It has been a while since my last savoury bake and I have been wanting to make some bread rolls for a while. Unfortunately I did not have any garlic at home and I was too lazy to go out, so I decided to substitute it with onions instead. I made the bread dough using... Continue Reading →

I have learnt to appreciate having frozen tart crust in the freezer, for lazy Saturday mornings. 770 calorie per slice (1/6 of a 9" tart), but worth every calorie! No wonder brunch is the favourite meal of the day.

Made these again, but this time done entirely on my shiny, new Kitchen Aid mixer. It does make it so much easier, since the dough is so sticky. They taste just a good. Looks like this will be one of my go-to wholewheat bread recipe in the days to come.

I never knew how well onion goes with bread until I started baking my own bread. And I am surprised i don’t find that many people baking bread with onions. This recipe is from Peter Reinhart from his book, Peter Reinhart’s Artisan Breads Every Day (I made one loaf, so, half of the original recipe): INGREDIENTS... Continue Reading →

Onions make a strangely good accompaniment to bread dough, and I was looking for a recipe that uses wholemeal flour, so this recipe appeared to be the perfect choice. The only problem with this recipe is, it was way too sticky. So, I ended up adding quite a fair bit of flour. Also, I like... Continue Reading →

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