The Hokkaido cheese tart hype is pretty much over on our sunny island. In the midst of it, people were queuing 2 to 3 hours just to get their hands of those tiny dessert. I was lucky enough to have visited Tokyo during that period, and tried them in their land of origin. I have... Continue Reading →

Ever since famous Hokkaido cheesecake, LeTAO, arrived at our little red dot, "double fromage" cheesecake is becoming the new "in" dessert. As my prior experience with this type of cheesecake was disappointing, I thought I would try making it at home before investing $28 trying another. During a friend's last trip to Singapore, I promised... Continue Reading →

One of the most annoying thing about the coffee Swiss roll from last week was how the thin layer of "cake skin" peeled off when I remove the paper used to wrap the cake. So I decided to revert to dusting the paper with cocoa powder to prevent it from sticking. And to keep it... Continue Reading →

Swiss rolls always conjures up warm childhood memories. It's also one of the few things I bake that, can be done a relatively short time. A neighbour has been asking me to demo some bakes in our quarterly baking session. So I've been cracking my mind to find something that can be done within the... Continue Reading →

My colleagues and I were invited to an ex-colleague's place for lunch. And I think that's a perfect excuse to bake something for dessert. Ever since I heard "coffee mascarpone frosting", that's all I could think of. So I thought I should give that a try. To make life just a bit tougher (and because... Continue Reading →

The problem with creating your own entremet is having to name them, and I am really bad at giving names. So I guess I shall just name my bakes in honour of the people I am baking them for. This weekend's bake is a double occasion - I have a good friend from France and... Continue Reading →

The problem with baking is, you tend to feel obligated to bake your good friend's birthday cake, even when you are really not. My work lunch buddy is a quiet, petite lady and I figure a sweet floral design should suit her. This is the first time I piped blossoms. The first few were a little... Continue Reading →

I love experimenting with tart fillings and my favourite experiments usually involve chocolate. Dark chocolate. It has been a while since I made chocolate aria tarts, which was quite a favourite amongst my friends, and since I have to use up the last batch of pâte sucrée beurrée in my freezer, I decided to give... Continue Reading →

Crêpe cakes are all the rage ever since the first Lady M boutique opened its doors on this little island. Personally, I am not a big fan of crêpes, cakes or Suzette, or any other forms. I would eat them, but, they are just not the first item I'd pick off the menu. But then,... Continue Reading →

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