Week 136: Pineapple tarts

It's too early for lunar new year preparations but who could say no to pineapple tarts? Actually some friends and I got together earlier this year for a pineapple tart bake-off session. And we had some leftover pineapple paste which had been sitting in my freezer for the past few months. We finally had the... Continue Reading →


Every year as the Lunar New Year approaches, new cookies vie for the spot of the "cookie of the year" position. Past winners were concoctions such as the green pea cookie, the fried crabstick (technically not a cookie) and fried arrowroot chips (again, not a cookie). This year, it looks like the award goes to... Continue Reading →

I have known Maria (not her real name) for a rather long time. She is one of the first few people who "kick-started" my baking hobby. In fact, she started baking a few months before me, when her parents got her a fancy oven for her birthday. Unlike me though, she is less obsessed about... Continue Reading →

Pineapple tarts are the staple of Lunar New Year in Singapore. Every year, foodie blogs and magazines would publish the top 5 most popular pineapple tarts in town. Some bakeries are so high in demand they stop accepting orders more than a month before the festivity. And everyone has a "secret" family recipe. I was... Continue Reading →

I could never really understand what it was about these cookies, but people appear to go completely ga-ga over them. I have had my fair share of pineapple tarts, but honestly, I have not had any that was good enough for me to want to eat it. At least, none of the ones I have... Continue Reading →

So, I was at the annual Chinese New Year cookies galore at Ngee Ann City last weekend and tasted this awesome savory cheese cookies. Normally, the only thing I would be thinking is, “how many cans of cookies should I get?”. But strangely, this time, I saw the $32 price tag and cringed. No way... Continue Reading →

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