Back in the kitchen and all caught up with the latest episodes of gbbo which I missed for the last 2 weeks. Despite the horrible jet lag, where I had to keep myself up the whole of yesterday (touched down in Singapore at 5:30 am) and ended up sleeping a whooping 14 hours straight, waking... Continue Reading →

Many of my friends in Europe celebrate the summer months. Warm, sunny days, vacations, best time of the year. But here in Singapore, we celebrate the end of the crazy hot mid-year months. And these bright, lemon tarts are my favourite way to celebrate. I always called them my version of a lemon meringue tart,... Continue Reading →

I admit I am rather predictable when it comes to tarts. Sorry to disappoint those of you who thought I'd fill those gorgeous tart shells with something different. But here they are again, with my favourite lemon curd and cream cheese mousse. Except, these are no regular lemons. These are made from the legendary Sicilian... Continue Reading →

I am not really one to obsessed about getting the perfectly shaped cake, as I normally prefer my cakes smothered in frosting. Even then, it was strangely satisfying to finally achieve that, even if you cannot tell from this picture. The cake is split in half and filled with a layer of leftover lemon cream... Continue Reading →

Whenever I need to whip up something in a jiffy, this is my go-to recipe. And I promised our intern at work that I would bake her something special before she returns to France. So, here it is. Thankfully, I have frozen pâté sucrée in my freezer, and a lemon in the fridge. 😅 This... Continue Reading →

It is strawberry season in Europe. While there, I saw more strawberries than I can ever imagine. Sometimes, there are even random stalls setup in street corners, selling only strawberries. It's a pity I couldn't bring them back. So when I saw some nice strawberries at the local grocers, I just had to buy some... Continue Reading →

 It has been a while since my last macaron bake. Honestly, sometimes I think that I can bake macarons in my sleep. I must have baked...hundreds! I feel the most tedious thing about macarons is the preparation. Grinding the almonds, cutting out the parchment (soon, I will move to silicon mat, soon), digging out my... Continue Reading →

 I have been wanting to attempt a Fraisier cake ever since I saw the technical challenge on an old episode of The Great British Bake-Off. But, I think I just missed the strawberries season then, so I waited until strawberries are in season this year! This is also the first time I made crème mousseline, so that... Continue Reading →

For someone who is so intrigued with French pastry, it is quite strange that I have never had the pleasure of eating these little French cakes. I have this impression in my mind that these cakes are dense and dry. Don't know where that impression came from. So all these years, even during my trip... Continue Reading →

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