Funny story: During my Malta trip, I was invited to a friend's place for a barbecue, Malta style. Meaning, lots of food, beer and wine, and lots of laugh throughout the evening. One of the memorable thing we ate was this chunk of Brie, which was so creamy! My friend was raving about it and... Continue Reading →


Some days you just want something simple and familiar. And to me, chocolate and raspberry is the ultimate combo. I have been wanting to try raspberry jelly in my desserts and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. The composition of this dessert: Chocolate brownie Croustillant praliné Raspberry jelly Chocolate mousse Dark chocolate mirror glaze... Continue Reading →

The best thing about the Lunar New Year long weekend was that I finally got to bake these individual Paris-Brest. I am never confident with choux and was thankful to have @theboxerchef, who bakes chouquettes quite regularly, over for a baking session. We decided to follow the recipe in Pierre Hermé's Pastries book. We were... Continue Reading →

I have some praline mousse and hazelnut joconde from a few weeks back, and since I was craving some mousse cakes, I decided to make them into mini versions of these petit gateau. As I was lazy, I skipped the coffee in the namelaka, leaving it as plain chocolate namelaka. I also left out the... Continue Reading →

Praline is a tricky ingredient to incorporate into an entremet due to its high sugar content. After a lot of research and testing, plus indispensible advice and recipe sharing from a good friend, I finally came up with a combination that balances sweetness and flavours, with a special accent on the hazelnut praline. And thus... Continue Reading →

No one knows pastries like the French. And while we may have our differences in many aspects (I do have plenty of work interactions with them!), I have always look up to their art of pâtissierie. I originally intended to make these petit gâteau as a French tribute on fête nationale. Sadly, the tragic event... Continue Reading →

I love experimenting with tart fillings and my favourite experiments usually involve chocolate. Dark chocolate. It has been a while since I made chocolate aria tarts, which was quite a favourite amongst my friends, and since I have to use up the last batch of pâte sucrée beurrée in my freezer, I decided to give... Continue Reading →

As I had leftover crust from my earlier milk chocolate and salted caramel tarts, and is still working on perfectly my tart ring lining skills. I decided to make something slightly different this time. I made a batch of pastry cream, using the same recipe. But instead of flavouring it with melted chocolate, I separate... Continue Reading →

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