Due to my botched batch of macarons earlier this weekend, I used up my stash of egg whites and had to find an egg yolk intensive recipe to store up more egg whites for my subsequent macarons. And what better recipe to try than Peter Reinhart's challah which I have been eyeing for months, but... Continue Reading →


I have a sourdough starter! That is something I have been thinking about cultivating for a while, but just couldn't find the right time to give it a try. And this I have a long vacation this year-end, I thought, well, no better time than now! So I finally bite the bullet, bought a whole... Continue Reading →

While on my work trip to Malta recently, I met this interestingly¬†geeky engineer from Israel. I couldn't claim to know that many Israelis, but, this guy appeared to have made an impression. The kind of encounter that leaves a sweet little feeling at the back of your mind, but, one that should be left at... Continue Reading →

¬†It has been a while since my last savoury bake and I have been wanting to make some bread rolls for a while. Unfortunately I did not have any garlic at home and I was too lazy to go out, so I decided to substitute it with onions instead. I made the bread dough using... Continue Reading →

The original intention of this bake is to make some chocolate wassant, which my dad loves. Unfortunately the chocolate paste turned out more runny than I was expecting, and the folding process was very challenging. So, I adapted the dough recipe for some garlic and chives roll which turned out to be super delicious. Yields... Continue Reading →

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