Kouign-Amann is one of the most decadent viennoiserie I have ever tasted. Couple that with Dominique Ansel's pastry magic, you have something short of pastry miracle. Ever since tasting this at his bakery last year, I have been working up my courage to give these a go. Unfortunately, I have never had much lucky with... Continue Reading →


Cookies are not really my thing. I mean, I appreciate a good cookie as much as the next person. But when it comes to baking, it's just not high on my to-do list. That is, until I came across this recipe in Dominique Ansel's book, The Secret Recipes, "Time is not simply a measurement of... Continue Reading →

I finally had the opportunity to sink my teeth into the famed salted caramel eclairs from L'eclair de Genie in Tokyo last week. And all I can say is, Christophe Adam is a pastry genius. It was delicious. And all I could think of after that was, I need to make me some salted caramel... Continue Reading →

For the last four of my tart shells, I decide to experiment with some coffee and chocolate flavours, as promised to¬†friend at work. There are so many coffee tart recipes out there, but, I wanted something different. Plain chocolate tart flavoured with coffee is just, too plain. And plain coffee tarts are, well, too much... Continue Reading →

As delicious as the mango tarts turned out, I am ultimately a chocolate person. Give me a choice, I would always choose chocolate. So, it is quite unthinkable to not fill at least a few of these delicious tart shells with chocolaty fillings. I did my research and decided to try out the fillings from... Continue Reading →

Okay, so this time I decided to follow Dominique Ansel's vanilla sabl√© tart to the 'T'. Well, except for the salt. I thought my last batch was perfectly salted, as I do prefer my tart shells a little on the salty end. And I am perfectly happy with the result this time. I guess with... Continue Reading →

So, last Sunday I was wandering around town just before lunch. And everybody knows it is a bad idea to be around food before your meals. I came across Tarte which I have been reading about for a while and decided to pop in for a look-see. The thing about bakeries, it is the most... Continue Reading →

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