So, I have finally got the chance to replicate the butter croissant recipe I learnt from the pastry class a few weeks ago and I am proud to say, it was a success! Since the marble slab I have at home is rather small, I decided to half the recipe, using only 150g butter. And... Continue Reading →


After many, many failed attempts at making my own puff pastry, and unimaginable amount of wasted butter, I finally decided I should get professional help. And recalling the pleasant experience in the macaron class at Palate Sensations cooking school, I decided to sign up for their puff pastry class. And, for the first time: -... Continue Reading →

So I found out, the secret to a successful batch of croissants, is a marble rolling pin!

I gave these another try, without wholewheat flour. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that great either. Maybe it is time I consider taking a class on puff pastries.

Sometimes, I cursed my persistence. When it comes to croissants, persistence can be really expensive. Anyway, I came across this interesting recipe, where, on top of the ingredients and instructions, the writer also included her entire croissant making experience, together with some very useful tips. I followed the recipe precisely, except substituting instance yeast for... Continue Reading →

Okay, this must have been the ugliest croissant in the history of croissant, to no fault of the recipe. And a personal lesson I learnt - do not start by laminating wholemeal dough. Laminating dough is no joke, and the added grainy texture of wholemeal flour made it a total nightmare. It took me a... Continue Reading →

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