This bake is very much belated. And the photographs even more so. I know I have been quiet for a while. It's just the rest of life catching up. Anyway, I have an image of these little darlings in my head for the longest time. And really pleased with the way they turned out. I... Continue Reading →

A twist on the classic. Since I have a gigantic bottle of coffee extract I have been looking up recipes involving coffee. And nothing screams classic coffee dessert like a tiramisu. It is also a good way to use up the big canister of mascarpone in my refrigerator. Except, of course, I'd like mine with... Continue Reading →

The best thing about the Lunar New Year long weekend was that I finally got to bake these individual Paris-Brest. I am never confident with choux and was thankful to have @theboxerchef, who bakes chouquettes quite regularly, over for a baking session. We decided to follow the recipe in Pierre Hermé's Pastries book. We were... Continue Reading →

I remember my first encounter with snow fondly (the real stuff too, not from snow machines like how they do it in the tropics). Winter was creeping into the quiet town of Oxford, and one night, it started snowing. As I was staying at the top floor of the dormitory, with a roof window, I... Continue Reading →

Recently I was interviewed and featured on an article by Business Times. While I am happy to see how far I have come where baking is concerned, I am particularly pleased at the comments I got from the journalist on my photography. And I have a few good friends to thank for that. One of... Continue Reading →

This is one of my favourite entremet. The multiple flavours and textures makes it a perfect example of how a beautifully balanced pastry should be. Here I got another chance to practice the marble glazing technique. These are done by covering the mousse with red glaze, followed by a drizzle of white glaze and quickly... Continue Reading →

A good friend was in town for work and she offered to stay over for a day to give me some photography tips (and a lens!). We knew each other since we were born and it was great to catch up. And for our photography lessons, I decided to bake up these chocolate praline tartlets.... Continue Reading →

Whenever I tasted something incredibly delicious, I always wished that I could somehow taste it again for the first time. Because there is nothing quite like that surprise you get when you taste something so unexpectedly scrumptious. Sadly, that is a catch-22, as I have obviously tasted it before so I couldn't really taste it... Continue Reading →

Week 127: Black forest petit gâteau

Practice makes perfect. And I am a long way from perfection when it comes to glazing. So in the spirit of practising, I decided to make a batch of these Black Forest petit gateau and glaze them. Glazing uneven shapes is quite a challenge indeed! I accidentally dropped two of them onto the glazing tray.... Continue Reading →

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