Sometimes inspiration comes at the most unexpected time. And the inspiration for these came when I saw someone posting these pretty rose-shaped cheesecake on Facebook. I went on a hunt to find the silicone mold and was glad to have found it in my friendly local baking supply store. However, it took me a bit longer to... Continue Reading →


 I was never a fan of lemon meringue tarts. But, strangely enough, the more lemon meringue tarts I ate, the more I like them. And now, I have to say, I am officially a fan of lemon meringue tarts. These ones are so good, the first time I cut a small slice for "taste test", I... Continue Reading →

Okay, so this time I decided to follow Dominique Ansel's vanilla sablé tart to the 'T'. Well, except for the salt. I thought my last batch was perfectly salted, as I do prefer my tart shells a little on the salty end. And I am perfectly happy with the result this time. I guess with... Continue Reading →

My tart endeavours always happen in a batch of four. That is because I only have 4 tart rings. Life is cruel like that. This recipe reuses the tart crust, cream cheese mousse and torched meringue from my previous tart recipe. But the lemon curd was a recipe I stumbled upon from one of the... Continue Reading →

I have been on a quest to master a sweet shortcrust pastry. Many months later, I am still on it! I appreciate a good tart as much as the next person. And while the filling of this one is pretty bombastic, the crust, well, the crust is ordinary. Not bad, just ordinary. Plus, it looks... Continue Reading →

Christmas is definitely my favourite festive season of the year and to commemorate the holidays this year I decided to try my hands at baking a Yule log. I didn’t want it to be just any standard chocolate Swiss roll. But since I love everything chocolate I know it has to have chocolate, and lots... Continue Reading →

This is basically the same cake as Chocolate and hazelnut Bavarian cream with chocolate feuilletine crunch, I just thought it needed a shorter name. Anyway, I am super pleased with this attempt as I have finally discovered the technique for coloured mirror glaze! For the base glaze, I used my trusted chocolate mirror glaze recipe, and... Continue Reading →

I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a good book on entremet, when one does not read French. Says something about the quality of cakes amongst the non-French-speaking society, doesn’t it? One of the most popular English book I managed to find is Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Cakes. It is not quite a book... Continue Reading →

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