It is not easy to come across recipe books on entremet so I was really excited when Jerome lugged the gigantic L'École de la Pâtisserie book from France. It contained some really interesting recipes too! To be honest, one of the reason I did not try the recipes sooner is that the book's owner didn't... Continue Reading →


One of the most annoying thing about the coffee Swiss roll from last week was how the thin layer of "cake skin" peeled off when I remove the paper used to wrap the cake. So I decided to revert to dusting the paper with cocoa powder to prevent it from sticking. And to keep it... Continue Reading →

These tart shells have been sitting in my freezer forever! In fact, they have been sitting there for so long I decided to bake them again before filling them. The reason these tart shells have been sitting for so long is also because I was not sure what to fill them with - because I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I get the strange urge to make and decorate a cake. And last weekend was one of those times. It was only yesterday when I realised I had almost forgotten the tradition I have been keeping for the past 2 years! Baking a cake and send a nice picture to my KitchenAid sponsor, Vincent,... Continue Reading →

It is Lunar New Year season, and half the people are down with cough and cold, including yours truly. Except, this year I didn't gnaw on a single slice of barbecue pork or a pineapple tart. How unfair! Anyway, I had a strange craving for something with chocolate and raspberries. And my Silikomart Parfum mold... Continue Reading →

When people are tired from work, they drink. When I am tired from work, I crave for a good dessert. But since my weekend is super short, I had to make do with what is in the freezer. I had leftover passion fruit mousse from a few weeks ago. And it took less than an... Continue Reading →

My last bake for the year (yes, this is also for the Christmas Eve potluck). This is one of the most complex cheesecake in my repertoire, and the most complex flavour too, with 2 separate layers (baked and non-bake) of pistachio cheesecakes embedded with macerated sour cherries. For the chocolate, I melted 200g of white... Continue Reading →

I remember my first encounter with snow fondly (the real stuff too, not from snow machines like how they do it in the tropics). Winter was creeping into the quiet town of Oxford, and one night, it started snowing. As I was staying at the top floor of the dormitory, with a roof window, I... Continue Reading →

The best way to know if your cookies are going to taste awesome? Nib a bit of the cookie dough and if you feel like you want to eat another big chunk of it before it even made it into the oven, you know you're on the right track! I have been wanting to visit The... Continue Reading →

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