'Tis the season for chocolate and pecan. I have been wanting to bake something with pecans for the longest time. So when I saw David Lebovitz's chocolate pecan pie recipe, I knew this is what I have been waiting to try. As usual, I would like to dress up the tart with at least 3... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it takes me forever to realise an idea in my head, or a recipe I read somewhere. Other times, I get to it almost immediately. This is definitely one of the few recipes that I got to almost immediately. I saw this on the So Goood magazine, and I guess I was intrigued by... Continue Reading →

After my not-so-successful attempt last week, I decided to try a different assembly this time. I have also discovered that "toffee sauce" does not freeze well and made a chocolate shell to encase it. Unfortunately I was a little lazy and ended up with a chocolate shell that is slightly too thick! I still think... Continue Reading →

I was never a big fan of coconut desserts, so I have never tasted an actual Bounty bar. But if this is anything to go by, the pairing of chocolate and coconut should be appearing more often moving forward. This is the first "full recipe" I have tried from Johan Martin's Signature. And, to be... Continue Reading →

Once you've gotten used to eating homemade desserts, you realise it is so much harder to satisfy that sweet tooth. I have been craving some chocolate cheesecake so I thought I'd do a Blackforest version this time. The base is a baked chocolate cheesecake speckled with Kirsch-soaked cherries. And this is topped with cream cheese... Continue Reading →

It's been so long since I was last in the kitchen. Coupled with the crazy hot weather, I really did not feel like doing anything other than sitting in front of the telly. But, I do miss baking and I was afraid I'd lose my baking mojo if I'd stay away for another weekend. So... Continue Reading →

It is mango season, and I recently bought 3 big fruits which are perfect for some mango tarts. I wanted to do something a little bit different this time, so I set forward to do some recipe research. I had a bit of an incident with the tart shells and ended up binning my first... Continue Reading →

Some days you just want something simple and familiar. And to me, chocolate and raspberry is the ultimate combo. I have been wanting to try raspberry jelly in my desserts and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. The composition of this dessert: Chocolate brownie Croustillant praliné Raspberry jelly Chocolate mousse Dark chocolate mirror glaze... Continue Reading →

I have been fascinated by these "chocolate fingers" I have been seeing on my Instagram feed for the longest time. But somehow it just did not seem to make it into my baking list. Until this weekend. I have been craving something chocolatey. Not just chocolate, but layers of chocolate, and nuts, and caramel. I... Continue Reading →

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