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Week 162: Petit gâteau chocolat framboise

Some days you just want something simple and familiar. And to me, chocolate and raspberry is the ultimate combo. I have been wanting to try raspberry jelly in my desserts and I thought this is the perfect opportunity. Advertisements

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Week 154: Chocolat framboise petit gâteau

It is Lunar New Year season, and half the people are down with cough and cold, including yours truly. Except, this year I didn’t gnaw on a single slice of barbecue pork or a pineapple tart. How unfair!

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Week 148: Passion fruit and dark chocolate petit gâteau

I have always been curious about the chocolate and passion fruit pairing. The Mogador macaron from Pierre Hermé is a little too tart for me. So for my attempt, I decided to tone down the passion fruit for a bit.

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Week 137: Ambroisie 2.0

The last time I made this I thought the pistachio and raspberry flavours didn’t really come through. I told myself for the next attempt I will definitely amp up both these flavours, as it seems like a really promising combination.

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Week 135: Un hommage Français

No one knows pastries like the French. And while we may have our differences in many aspects (I do have plenty of work interactions with them!), I have always look up to their art of pâtissierie.

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Week 134: Le cœur pour Charles

This entremet is a birthday present for an old friend. Looking back, the days with Charles felt like something out of my past life. While we don’t spend as much time together now as we used to, he is one … Continue reading

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Week 133: Ambroisie

When I was in Tokyo last year, pastry was on the top of my list (if not the only thing). And at the top of my pastry list was renowned Japanese pâtissier, Hidemi Sugino.

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Week 131: Le dôme pour Vincent

The problem with creating your own entremet is having to name them, and I am really bad at giving names. So I guess I shall just name my bakes in honour of the people I am baking them for.

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Week 105: Dark chocolate and salted caramel tartlets

I still have a batch of tart dough sitting in my freezer, and as I have a good friend visiting from out of town, I decided to bake up a batch of these milk chocolate and salted caramel tarts. This … Continue reading

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