I am not really one to obsessed about getting the perfectly shaped cake, as I normally prefer my cakes smothered in frosting. Even then, it was strangely satisfying to finally achieve that, even if you cannot tell from this picture. The cake is split in half and filled with a layer of leftover lemon cream... Continue Reading →


My last bake for the year (yes, this is also for the Christmas Eve potluck). This is one of the most complex cheesecake in my repertoire, and the most complex flavour too, with 2 separate layers (baked and non-bake) of pistachio cheesecakes embedded with macerated sour cherries. For the chocolate, I melted 200g of white... Continue Reading →

I have been planning on a blackforest project for the longest time. In fact, the frozen cherries have been sitting in my freezer for more than 6 months! Somehow, every time I wanted to get down to it, another seemingly more interesting project just popped up and grabbed my attention. Boy, the number of blackforest... Continue Reading →

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