So I am totally going to go crazy with tarts for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, tarts have always been my favourite pastry, both to make as well as to eat. I wasn't sure how these will turn out as I have never lined a tart of this shape before. And I was really... Continue Reading →

Zhe Rong had been raving about this particularly entremet for the longest time. I thought it looked interesting enough, but, I just don't have mangoes on hand. Until I finally managed to buy some frozen mango purée, and then it was all the business trips and year end holiday. Until one Friday when I finally... Continue Reading →

After my not-so-successful attempt last week, I decided to try a different assembly this time. I have also discovered that "toffee sauce" does not freeze well and made a chocolate shell to encase it. Unfortunately I was a little lazy and ended up with a chocolate shell that is slightly too thick! I still think... Continue Reading →

Following the coffee chiffon a few weeks ago, I have been craving for a coffee dessert. I have not been successful with coffee flavoured entremet, so, I was determined to find some suitable recipes and flavour combination. I decided to turn one of my favourite tart into an entremet. But instead of the accompanying coffee... Continue Reading →

Banana and toffee. Some like it, some gets a toothache just hearing the 2 words in a sentence. I think it's a great idea and have been obsessing about finding a good recipe for the past couple of weeks. The one I ended up with is a combination of a few recipes. I resorted to... Continue Reading →

 Sometimes, you come across a recipe, and you just cannot wait to give it a try. This is one such pudding. I have been talking about baking a banana cake for the longest time. And there is no shortage of delicious-sounding banana cake recipes. But, nothing has ever intrigued me as much as this one,... Continue Reading →

As delicious as the mango tarts turned out, I am ultimately a chocolate person. Give me a choice, I would always choose chocolate. So, it is quite unthinkable to not fill at least a few of these delicious tart shells with chocolaty fillings. I did my research and decided to try out the fillings from... Continue Reading →

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