You can't really go wrong with the classics, and nothing says classics like the quiche Lorraine. I always said I will not bake for the next potluck, but somehow I always do. And sometimes, more than one, or two, items! Since I figured I'll be in over my head with our Christmas Eve dinner this... Continue Reading →

Two quiches in the span of a month! Crazy, right? Actually, these mini quiches are made with leftover dough from my last quiche. And as much as I love the spinach quiche, I miss a good ol' classic quiche Lorraine. So, here it is. Fully packed with bacon and onions (boy, I love onions!) and a... Continue Reading →

Quiches are delicious. It's a melange of cream, cheese and butter. Loads of butter. Which is also why it is not something you can eat regularly. So I always delight in opportunities to bake up a quiche for dinner parties. I was torn between a broccoli and cheddar quiche or a spinach and Gruyere and... Continue Reading →

Ever since having my first taste of Zumbo pastry in Sydney earlier this year, all I wanted to do is to try my hands at one of his avant-garde recipes. And his latest book, The Zumbo Files, is full of them. I must have spent more than a week, going through this book every night before... Continue Reading →

I have learnt to appreciate having frozen tart crust in the freezer, for lazy Saturday mornings. 770 calorie per slice (1/6 of a 9" tart), but worth every calorie! No wonder brunch is the favourite meal of the day.

Bacon, onion and cheddar. Seriously, what’s there not to like? And these are simply awesome. I am going to enjoy my breakfast very much for the next 2 weeks.

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