It's been a while since I last baked cheesecakes, and I came across this Earl Grey cheesecake that really caught my fancy. This cheesecake recipe is gluten free (although the crust isn't) and it turned out to be really creamy. As usually I used a reconstructed pâte sucrée base for the cheesecake. And since I... Continue Reading →


Dear all, there is nothing wrong with this sourdough loaf - I was just venturing with some sage flavoured cheddar, which went very well with the sourdough. I love how light and airy the crumbs are on these. But looking at the cut, I realise, my problem is with the shaping of the loaf. 🤔... Continue Reading →

Sometimes it takes me forever to realise an idea in my head, or a recipe I read somewhere. Other times, I get to it almost immediately. This is definitely one of the few recipes that I got to almost immediately. I saw this on the So Goood magazine, and I guess I was intrigued by... Continue Reading →

The first time I had kueh kosui was at a local Eurasian restaurant, Folklore. Their rendition of the traditional dessert was so good that I went back for dinner shortly after, just so I could have this delicious dessert again. Since then, I have tried kueh kosui from a few of the traditional dessert places,... Continue Reading →

My last attempt at Hokkaido cheese tarts was somewhat a failure. And that was probably because I took too many shortcuts. So this time I made sure to follow the steps carefully. Instead of the usual Hokkaido cheese tart shape, I decided to bake these in my standard French tartlets, with a little added twist.... Continue Reading →

For the longest time people have been telling me "your starter is not active enough". Yet no one has ever suggest how I could get my starter to be more active. Many thanks to Trevor Jay Wilson's book, "Open Crumb Mastery", I finally understand the science behind an inactive starter and how to rectify it.... Continue Reading →

It has been quite a while since I last made a sourdough loaf. So I thought I should give pangzhi a little exercise. Since it is a rather quiet weekend, I thought I'd take the opportunity to use up the cheese I got from my recent England trip and bake my breakfast staple. I am... Continue Reading →

This post is a belated Mother's Day post. As I was serving the last days of my previous job (and going out for lots of dinner and drinks from colleagues), it was difficult to find time to make a full fledge Mother's Day cake. Also, I didn't think a cake covered in whipped cream would... Continue Reading →

This must be one of my worst baking weekend ever. I wanted to make some whipped ganache to top this tart, but, boy, I made two batches and somehow managed to screw up both of them. Both times I made a "liquid" ganache, with a 2:1 heavy cream to chocolate ratio, chill it, then whip... Continue Reading →

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