Why do I feel that it has been too long since I last made this? Even though when I checked on my profile, it has only been barely 2 months. Perhaps I just enjoyed eating it too much. The greatest perk for being able to bake your own dessert is definitely the ability to tweak... Continue Reading →


How does one make an already delicious cheesecake recipe ever better? Add pistachios. This is a spin on Pierre Hermé's cheesecake Mosaïc recipe. Basically I used the same set of components but replaced it with my own recipes. And amped up the pistachio flavour. I think I like my version just that little bit better.... Continue Reading →

Do you know that London Fog is another name for an Earl Grey Tea Latte? Well, I didn't. So for the longest time, I was wondering why some people named their Earl Grey flavoured cakes London Fog cake. As a fan of yuzu, I was ecstatic to finally found fresh yuzu on shelves of a... Continue Reading →

The last time I baked tartlets using this tart ring, I had such a hard time lining them with aluminium foil. I have been lining my tart shells with aluminium foil for blind baking for the longest time so I really had to crack my brains to think of another method. Finally I got it.... Continue Reading →

I really wanted to squeeze in one last bake before my Christmas holidays, and I don't know why I chose this particular "short weekend" to experiment with different ways to bake my tart shells. For those who has been curious about blind-baking your tart shells using cling wrap, I am here to tell you -... Continue Reading →

It has been a very long time since I last made salted caramel tarts, and after taking a bite, I cannot remember why - they are so delicious! Inspired by Majavase, I attempted a somewhat similar decoration using chocolate discs with spires to top the tartlets. Thanks to chef Otto and the instructional video from... Continue Reading →

'Tis the season for chocolate and pecan. I have been wanting to bake something with pecans for the longest time. So when I saw David Lebovitz's chocolate pecan pie recipe, I knew this is what I have been waiting to try. As usual, I would like to dress up the tart with at least 3... Continue Reading →

Back in the kitchen and all caught up with the latest episodes of gbbo which I missed for the last 2 weeks. Despite the horrible jet lag, where I had to keep myself up the whole of yesterday (touched down in Singapore at 5:30 am) and ended up sleeping a whooping 14 hours straight, waking... Continue Reading →

It's been a while since I made anything from my pastry idol's recipe book, so, for this special bake on my special day, I decided to go back to the root of my pastry love. Since I only have a day (I took a day off work), I can't do anything too complicated. So I... Continue Reading →

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