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Week 174: White chocolate and Brie cheesecake

Funny story: During my Malta trip, I was invited to a friend’s place for a barbecue, Malta style. Meaning, lots of food, beer and wine, and lots of laugh throughout the evening. One of the memorable thing we ate was … Continue reading

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Week 172: Petit banoffee II

After my not-so-successful attempt last week, I decided to try a different assembly this time. I have also discovered that “toffee sauce” does not freeze well and made a chocolate shell to encase it. Unfortunately I was a little lazy … Continue reading

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Week 171: Petit banoffee

Following the coffee chiffon a few weeks ago, I have been craving for a coffee dessert. I have not been successful with coffee flavoured entremet, so, I was determined to find some suitable recipes and flavour combination.

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Week 168: Bounty

I was never a big fan of coconut desserts, so I have never tasted an actual Bounty bar. But if this is anything to go by, the pairing of chocolate and coconut should be appearing more often moving forward.

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Week 166: Black forest double fromage cheesecake

Once you’ve gotten used to eating homemade desserts, you realise it is so much harder to satisfy that sweet tooth. I have been craving some chocolate cheesecake so I thought I’d do a Blackforest version this time.

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Week 164: Blueberry double fromage cheesecake

After my not-totally-satisfactory blueberry cheesecake attempt last week, I did more research and realised that, in fact, I have made double fromage cheesecake a few times before. And it’s none other than Pierre Hermé’s cheesecake mosaïc.

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Week 163: Blueberry double fromage cheesecake

Ever since famous Hokkaido cheesecake, LeTAO, arrived at our little red dot, “double fromage” cheesecake is becoming the new “in” dessert. As my prior experience with this type of cheesecake was disappointing, I thought I would try making it at … Continue reading

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Week 162: Petit gâteau chocolat framboise

Some days you just want something simple and familiar. And to me, chocolate and raspberry is the ultimate combo. I have been wanting to try raspberry jelly in my desserts and I thought this is the perfect opportunity.

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Week 156: Le cœur fondant

What’s better than a decadent, dark chocolate dessert for Valentine’s Day? Trick question. There’s nothing better, really. But, to break with tradition, and a close personal second favourite, I decided to make something without chocolate.

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Week 154: Chocolat framboise petit gâteau

It is Lunar New Year season, and half the people are down with cough and cold, including yours truly. Except, this year I didn’t gnaw on a single slice of barbecue pork or a pineapple tart. How unfair!

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