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Week 148: Passion fruit and dark chocolate petit gâteau

I have always been curious about the chocolate and passion fruit pairing. The Mogador macaron from Pierre Hermé is a little too tart for me. So for my attempt, I decided to tone down the passion fruit for a bit.

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Week 146: Earl Grey and raspberry tartlets

Recently I was interviewed and featured on an article by Business Times. While I am happy to see how far I have come where baking is concerned, I am particularly pleased at the comments I got from the journalist on … Continue reading

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Week 143: Petite rêves de noisettes praline

I have some praline mousse and hazelnut joconde from a few weeks back, and since I was craving some mousse cakes, I decided to make them into mini versions of these petit gateau.

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Week 142: Banoffee tart

Banana and toffee. Some like it, some gets a toothache just hearing the 2 words in a sentence. I think it’s a great idea and have been obsessing about finding a good recipe for the past couple of weeks.

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Week 140: Macaron infiniment chocolat et macaron à la pistache

Going on a trip back to my hometown is always a much anticipated event. And knowing how much my mum loved these pistachio (and dad likes the chocolate) macarons, I am really glad that they turned out well.

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Week 140: Rêves de noisettes praline

Praline is a tricky ingredient to incorporate into an entremet due to its high sugar content. After a lot of research and testing, plus indispensible advice and recipe sharing from a good friend, I finally came up with a combination … Continue reading

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Week 139: Poire D’Eve

When I first saw this recipe, I was really intrigued by the flavours – caramel mousse, chocolate hazelnut and spiced pears. Spiced pears – how exciting is that!

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Week 137: Milk chocolate and Earl Grey tea macaron and macaron Imagine

It is never easy deciding which macaron flavours to go for, but I thought my 2 favourite tea flavours deserve to go together – Earl Grey and matcha. This milk chocolate Earl Grey tea macaron holds a special place in … Continue reading

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Week 137: Ambroisie 2.0

The last time I made this I thought the pistachio and raspberry flavours didn’t really come through. I told myself for the next attempt I will definitely amp up both these flavours, as it seems like a really promising combination.

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Week 136: Pineapple tarts

It’s too early for lunar new year preparations but who could say no to pineapple tarts? Actually some friends and I got together earlier this year for a pineapple tart bake-off session. And we had some leftover pineapple paste which … Continue reading

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