Why do I feel that it has been too long since I last made this? Even though when I checked on my profile, it has only been barely 2 months. Perhaps I just enjoyed eating it too much. The greatest perk for being able to bake your own dessert is definitely the ability to tweak... Continue Reading →

The issue with baking with bananas is that most of the bananas we get at the grocers are quite raw and you'd need to let it sit a couple of days before it is ripe enough for baking. This is one of those weeks when, earlier in the week I really wanted to eat a... Continue Reading →

My last few weeks have been totally swamped at work - and weekends were spent playing video games. 😅 I was also trying to finish up the dessert in my freezer so I took a break from the kitchen. Well, I'm back now, hopefully. This is a rather belated Valentine's Day post. I had this... Continue Reading →

I know, I know, I know. You must be tired of my cheesecake creations. So am I, kind of. But there's just all these flavours on my head that goes so well as cheesecakes. Still, this should be the last one for a while (as much as I love cheesecake, you just can't have too... Continue Reading →

How does one make an already delicious cheesecake recipe ever better? Add pistachios. This is a spin on Pierre Hermé's cheesecake Mosaïc recipe. Basically I used the same set of components but replaced it with my own recipes. And amped up the pistachio flavour. I think I like my version just that little bit better.... Continue Reading →

I was cleaning out the freezer the other night and came across this jar of blueberry compote. I thought what better way to use it up than to bake a batch of these old favourite. I also still have that bag of Argentinian lemons my friend got me from France. 😅 I also decided to... Continue Reading →

Do you know that London Fog is another name for an Earl Grey Tea Latte? Well, I didn't. So for the longest time, I was wondering why some people named their Earl Grey flavoured cakes London Fog cake. As a fan of yuzu, I was ecstatic to finally found fresh yuzu on shelves of a... Continue Reading →

The last time I baked tartlets using this tart ring, I had such a hard time lining them with aluminium foil. I have been lining my tart shells with aluminium foil for blind baking for the longest time so I really had to crack my brains to think of another method. Finally I got it.... Continue Reading →

I really wanted to squeeze in one last bake before my Christmas holidays, and I don't know why I chose this particular "short weekend" to experiment with different ways to bake my tart shells. For those who has been curious about blind-baking your tart shells using cling wrap, I am here to tell you -... Continue Reading →

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