The best thing about the Lunar New Year long weekend was that I finally got to bake these individual Paris-Brest. I am never confident with choux and was thankful to have @theboxerchef, who bakes chouquettes quite regularly, over for a baking session. We decided to follow the recipe in Pierre Hermé's Pastries book. We were... Continue Reading →

I finally had the opportunity to sink my teeth into the famed salted caramel eclairs from L'eclair de Genie in Tokyo last week. And all I can say is, Christophe Adam is a pastry genius. It was delicious. And all I could think of after that was, I need to make me some salted caramel... Continue Reading →

My initial experience with choux au craquelin was rather disappointing. And I think that was what put me off trying this for the longest time. But after the recent success with eclairs, I figure maybe it is about time to give it another shot. This recipe for the craquelin layer seems quite promising, and I... Continue Reading →

I finally done it! An acceptable batch of the elusive éclair! And I have this tutorial to thank. It is the most comprehensive tutorial I managed to find after months of scouring the internet. Give it a read-through. If you are serious about making these, the advice and explanations given here is worth every minute... Continue Reading →

I have made several attempts at making pâte à choux, and finally, I got a success story to tell. Well, partly successful. I kind of over baked the cream puffs, but, at least they did not shrink on me. And they actually tasted quite good, even without the pastry cream filling. All thanks to the... Continue Reading →

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