One of my favourite food quote, "Les personnes qui vous offrent leur nourriture, vous offrent aussi leur cœur." by Cesar Chavez, which translates into, “The people who give you their food, give you their hearts”. And I think that is quite appropriate for this Valentine's weekend bake to share with some of the closest and... Continue Reading →

 This recipe from Pierre Hermé's Chocolate Desserts book has been sitting at the back of my mind for the longest time. I have been wanting to try out my new madeleine pan, and I was looking for a chocolate madeleine recipe. But, for one reason or another, I just kept procrastinating! Anyway, I finally got to... Continue Reading →

These little French cakes are an enigma. I couldn't quite decide whether they are light or heavy. On the one hand, no egg yolks are added, maybe it an egg-white-only bake. On the other hand, there's quite a generous amount of butter. And then the nuts - almond and hazelnut. The ingredients intrigued me so... Continue Reading →

For someone who is so intrigued with French pastry, it is quite strange that I have never had the pleasure of eating these little French cakes. I have this impression in my mind that these cakes are dense and dry. Don't know where that impression came from. So all these years, even during my trip... Continue Reading →

I have been planning on a blackforest project for the longest time. In fact, the frozen cherries have been sitting in my freezer for more than 6 months! Somehow, every time I wanted to get down to it, another seemingly more interesting project just popped up and grabbed my attention. Boy, the number of blackforest... Continue Reading →

I love chocolate mousse. And to avoid not making enough mousse, I usually made more. Which was what happened last week. But that is never a problem. I freeze them in my faithful silicone domes. And the leftover mousse was enough to fill 6 domes nicely. I use my faithful devil’s food cake as the... Continue Reading →

I am a HUGE fan of The Great British Bake Off, and I mean, HUGE. I must have watched every season at least 3 times, and some episodes even more! In fact, it was one of the thing that got my baking in the first place (together with the rainbow cake story). And ask any... Continue Reading →

I have some chocolate and hazelnut Bavarian cream left over from the yule log I baked for Christmas, so I freeze them in these silicone domes. I managed to fill up three of them. Then I covered it with my faithful chocolate mirror glaze, and drizzled some white chocolate mirror glaze. For the base, I... Continue Reading →

I think my second attempt at these mini cakes came out better. I used my go-to chocolate cake as the sponge base. I made half the portion of the chocolate cake and was left with more than half of cakes! I baked it in the 9" x 13" sheet pan and had a difficult time... Continue Reading →

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