It's been a while since I last baked cheesecakes, and I came across this Earl Grey cheesecake that really caught my fancy. This cheesecake recipe is gluten free (although the crust isn't) and it turned out to be really creamy. As usually I used a reconstructed pâte sucrée base for the cheesecake. And since I... Continue Reading →


It has been a while since my last post. But, there is just too many things happening! This is my last bake for 2017. And this is a recipe from parischezsharon, which I just had to try once I saw it on her feed. I was probably a bit too generous with the coffee extract,... Continue Reading →

Funny story: During my Malta trip, I was invited to a friend's place for a barbecue, Malta style. Meaning, lots of food, beer and wine, and lots of laugh throughout the evening. One of the memorable thing we ate was this chunk of Brie, which was so creamy! My friend was raving about it and... Continue Reading →

I am not really one to obsessed about getting the perfectly shaped cake, as I normally prefer my cakes smothered in frosting. Even then, it was strangely satisfying to finally achieve that, even if you cannot tell from this picture. The cake is split in half and filled with a layer of leftover lemon cream... Continue Reading →

Lemon and cream cheese has always been one of my favourite combination. So I decided to incorporate it into another one of my recent favourite - a Swiss roll. While I was back at my parents' place, mum and I made a couple of Swiss rolls and the more I made 'em, the more I... Continue Reading →

This cake was a true serendipity. I am not a big fan of coffee-flavoured dessert as I always thought coffee is better as a drink than as dessert. However, this turned out to be first ever successful chiffon cake and it tasted so good it has since became my go-to chiffon cake recipe. I was... Continue Reading →

It is strawberry season in Europe. While there, I saw more strawberries than I can ever imagine. Sometimes, there are even random stalls setup in street corners, selling only strawberries. It's a pity I couldn't bring them back. So when I saw some nice strawberries at the local grocers, I just had to buy some... Continue Reading →

Once you've gotten used to eating homemade desserts, you realise it is so much harder to satisfy that sweet tooth. I have been craving some chocolate cheesecake so I thought I'd do a Blackforest version this time. The base is a baked chocolate cheesecake speckled with Kirsch-soaked cherries. And this is topped with cream cheese... Continue Reading →

It's been so long since I was last in the kitchen. Coupled with the crazy hot weather, I really did not feel like doing anything other than sitting in front of the telly. But, I do miss baking and I was afraid I'd lose my baking mojo if I'd stay away for another weekend. So... Continue Reading →

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