I have been wanting to bake this loaf of bread every since Mary-Anne baked it in the Great British Bake Off 4 series ago! Gosh, had it really been that long?? The comments by the judges were just so complementary, but onions and cheddar sounded like a wonderful pairing. Plus, there was beer... The only... Continue Reading →


While on my work trip to Malta recently, I met this interestingly geeky engineer from Israel. I couldn't claim to know that many Israelis, but, this guy appeared to have made an impression. The kind of encounter that leaves a sweet little feeling at the back of your mind, but, one that should be left at... Continue Reading →

These buns hold a special place in my heart, as they apparently spurred my father to start baking his own bread. That has got to mean something, eh? I followed the dough recipe exactly but decided to scale down the amount of toppings, which turned out just enough to coat the dozen buns. Makes enough toppings for... Continue Reading →

 It's been a while since I got a bag of fresh garlic as I mostly used minced garlic for cooking. But few days ago, I saw them at the grocers, and they seemed to be calling out to me. So I've decided, this weekend is going to be roasted garlic weekend. And what better to... Continue Reading →

 These interesting rolls first appeared on Instagram, on some French patissier's feed. A quick google yield some recipes, but they appear to all be from the same original recipe of one Philippe Contincini. I have not heard of him, but, I shall be on a lookout from now on. Finally I decided to follow this recipe as... Continue Reading →

 It has been a while since my last savoury bake and I have been wanting to make some bread rolls for a while. Unfortunately I did not have any garlic at home and I was too lazy to go out, so I decided to substitute it with onions instead. I made the bread dough using... Continue Reading →

Ever since having my first taste of Zumbo pastry in Sydney earlier this year, all I wanted to do is to try my hands at one of his avant-garde recipes. And his latest book, The Zumbo Files, is full of them. I must have spent more than a week, going through this book every night before... Continue Reading →

The bunch of French men I work with was raving about this pastry, tart Tropézienne, saying how delightful it is, and the unique taste of the cream making it incomparable to any other pastries. So, I just have to give it a try, don't I? It seems like a rather obscure recipe and I didn't... Continue Reading →

I don't know why it took me this long to give these Mexican buns a try. I have been a fan of Mexican buns for the longest time. I even remember standing in line for an hour, waiting to get my hands on a delicious Rotiboy bun. And today, I realised I don't need to... Continue Reading →

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