This is technically my last bake of 2016 and first bake of 2017, within the span of 7 days. A good friend of mine, who is back for holidays from Kiwi-land wanted to learn to make these from my dad, so while I was home, I managed to convince dad to give us a hands-on... Continue Reading →


Kouign-Amann is one of the most decadent viennoiserie I have ever tasted. Couple that with Dominique Ansel's pastry magic, you have something short of pastry miracle. Ever since tasting this at his bakery last year, I have been working up my courage to give these a go. Unfortunately, I have never had much lucky with... Continue Reading →

Have been wanting to try out this recipe for a while, but somehow just never got to it until now. (Also, there were some pretty delicious looking loafs in The Great British Bake-Off a while back, which motivated me to bake one for myself.) Since I have some macadamias in my fridge, I decided to use... Continue Reading →

It was Epicurean Market time, which means lots of cheese, wine and good food. In the spirit of sharing our "loot", my friends and I had a "cheese and wine" evening. And that is always a great reason to bake my favourite savoury loaf. This time, the loaf was filled with pancetta and Gruyere picked... Continue Reading →

The ladies of the baking community in my neighbourhood is looking for someone to conduct a session on baking assorted bread rolls. And in the spirit of volunteering, I decided to bake up some of my favourite garlic rolls to see if "they" qualify. These rolls are baked using the $5K starter dough from a... Continue Reading →

This bread recipe has an interesting name, but I am not so certain of how the name came about other than that the inventor spent $5K to get the recipe.It involves using half the dough as a starter, presumably to develop the nice and fluffy crumbs. Since I am still on the lookout for a... Continue Reading →

As much as I enjoy my sourdough loaves, my Asian palette always appreciates a nice, soft milk toast every now and then. So when I came across this recipe, I knew I just had to give it a try. I have always wondered why dough has to be proofed twice, so it is interesting to see... Continue Reading →

Due to my botched batch of macarons earlier this weekend, I used up my stash of egg whites and had to find an egg yolk intensive recipe to store up more egg whites for my subsequent macarons. And what better recipe to try than Peter Reinhart's challah which I have been eyeing for months, but... Continue Reading →

For the past 2 weeks when I got to spend my holidays back in my parents' house, breakfast was always a much anticipated affair. Every morning, when I came downstairs, I will be greeted by a table full of different types of bread, "kueh" (Asian snacks), noodles and even cookies. My parents really made a... Continue Reading →

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