Week 89: Zucchini, smoked salmon and chives savoury cake

Twitter has surprisingly opened up a host of new recipes where I least expected it. And also met some kindred spirit from across the oceans. It is a pity I waited this long to sign on. But, better late than never I reckon. Of the many, many recipes I saw, this is one recipe I felt I just... Continue Reading →


I have never tasted cornbread before, so I thought I would try something different this weekend. This recipe looked promising - I like corn, I like cheddar, and I like chilli. Interesting enough to be my first cornbread attempt. Took me a while to find cornmeal though, which is not exactly common in local cuisine.... Continue Reading →

I don’t normally bake on week nights, but, since I will be away this weekend, I thought I would bake a batch of these biscuits. The recipe seemed rather straightforward. I decided to step up a little on the cayenne pepper and garlic salt, which, I thought was a little scarce in the original recipe.... Continue Reading →

Biscuits are a rarity where I live, so, it rates pretty high on the list of stuff I want to bake. This delicious recipe is from the browneyedbaker.

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