It is always super stressful to prepare for a baking demo. Especially when it comes to bread, which is not something I make too regularly. My last attempt at these was slightly over a year ago, and it was somewhat disastrous - overproof. But since I don’t have any other bun recipes in my repertoire,... Continue Reading →


Prosciutto is such an expensive treat in Singapore, and the once or twice I tried it, I really was not impressed. So, despite the fact the original Paul Hollywood recipe uses prosciutto, I just couldn't be bothered to use them in my loaves. When I was in Europe I while back, I decided to bring... Continue Reading →

Have been wanting to try out this recipe for a while, but somehow just never got to it until now. (Also, there were some pretty delicious looking loafs in The Great British Bake-Off a while back, which motivated me to bake one for myself.) Since I have some macadamias in my fridge, I decided to use... Continue Reading →

It was Epicurean Market time, which means lots of cheese, wine and good food. In the spirit of sharing our "loot", my friends and I had a "cheese and wine" evening. And that is always a great reason to bake my favourite savoury loaf. This time, the loaf was filled with pancetta and Gruyere picked... Continue Reading →

Due to my botched batch of macarons earlier this weekend, I used up my stash of egg whites and had to find an egg yolk intensive recipe to store up more egg whites for my subsequent macarons. And what better recipe to try than Peter Reinhart's challah which I have been eyeing for months, but... Continue Reading →

For the past 2 weeks when I got to spend my holidays back in my parents' house, breakfast was always a much anticipated affair. Every morning, when I came downstairs, I will be greeted by a table full of different types of bread, "kueh" (Asian snacks), noodles and even cookies. My parents really made a... Continue Reading →

While on my work trip to Malta recently, I met this interestingly geeky engineer from Israel. I couldn't claim to know that many Israelis, but, this guy appeared to have made an impression. The kind of encounter that leaves a sweet little feeling at the back of your mind, but, one that should be left at... Continue Reading →

 It's been a while since I got a bag of fresh garlic as I mostly used minced garlic for cooking. But few days ago, I saw them at the grocers, and they seemed to be calling out to me. So I've decided, this weekend is going to be roasted garlic weekend. And what better to... Continue Reading →

 These interesting rolls first appeared on Instagram, on some French patissier's feed. A quick google yield some recipes, but they appear to all be from the same original recipe of one Philippe Contincini. I have not heard of him, but, I shall be on a lookout from now on. Finally I decided to follow this recipe as... Continue Reading →

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