Week 202: Rye cheddar sourdough loaf

Ouch. One big hole is bad, bad, bad. And maybe err on the side of underproof. But, my last loaf was severely over proof and I think I prefer it under.

Still, this makes for a decent loaf. Just a slight tinge of sour with nice, crispy crust. It will do.

Starter feed: 20g starter + 50g bread flour + 50g water; 2315 24th Aug

Dough: 340g bread flour + 45g rye + 9g salt + 270g water + 105g starter; Start knead: 5 min + 5 min; 1015 25th Aug

1st fold: 1058

2nd fold: 1134

3rd fold: 1203

4th fold: 1233

Pre-shape (+ 50g cheddar): 1412

Shape: 1418

Bake: 1610


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