Week 201: Classic tiramisu

My last tiramisu was a bit of a disaster – mostly because it didn’t taste like a tiramisu at all! So this one I wanted to go back to basic, and go with a classic tiramisu recipe.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a recipe from an actual Italian grandma, so I went for the next best thing – one from a French grandma. I got this recipe from my colleague’s French husband, who got it from his mother. Close enough.

All in all, I was rather pleased with how it turned out. The mascarpone mixture was very creamy, and set nice and firm. As I wasn’t sure how “strong” the coffee was supposed to be, I added some coffee extract and I think that helped. The only mistake was that I forgot to sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder on each layer of mascarpone mixture. Oops. So I make up for it by dusting a very thick layer on top!

Makes a 6-inch cake and 3 rose-shaped petit gateau


3 large yolks

60g sugar

10g Marsala

300g mascarpone, at room temperature

360g heavy cream

100g + 3 pieces savoiardi biscuit

300g strong coffee

1 tbsp coffee extract

Cocoa powder


1) Add sugar to yolks in a bowl and using a hand whisk, whip over a water bath until mixture yolk mixture is thick and creamy (~55°C). Remove from heat

2) Whisk the yolk mixture into the mascarpone until smooth.

3) Whip the cold cream until soft peaks formed.

4) Whisk 1/3 of the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture to lighten it. Then pour the mascarpone mixture into whipped cream and fold until fully incorporated.

5) Stir coffee extract into the strong coffee.

6) For the 6-inch round cake, soak 6 pieces of savoiardi biscuit in coffee mixture and lay it in a flat layer in a cake ring. Fully cover with a layer of mascarpone mixture. Soak another 6 biscuits and place them on top of the mascarpone layer. And cover it with another layer of mascarpone. Smoothen the top and freeze.

7) For the petit gateaux, fill the silicon cavity with 40g of mascarpone mixture. Soak a savoiardi biscuit in coffee, cut in half and press it flat into the cavity. Fill with approximately 20g of mascarpone and smooth over. Makes 3.

8) There should be approximately 250g of mascarpone mixture left.

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