Week 197: Kueh kosui

The first time I had kueh kosui was at a local Eurasian restaurant, Folklore. Their rendition of the traditional dessert was so good that I went back for dinner shortly after, just so I could have this delicious dessert again. Since then, I have tried kueh kosui from a few of the traditional dessert places, but none of them measured up. I later found out that the kueh kosui I had was amongst the very best in town!

Since it was so difficult to get kueh kosui, I was hoping to be able to make them at home. Unfortunately, I am not much of a “kueh” maker and I really wouldn’t know a good recipe from a mediocre one (until I taste the finished product), so I was really hesitant about trying the recipes online.

Until I saw the post of famous blogger, Dr Tay, singing praise of the same kueh kosui and said he is going to share his version of the recipe. So when he posted the recipe I just knew I had to give it a try. I had some issues with the technique (it was challenging pouring half a litre of hot liquid while stirring), but it all worked out on the end.

And I have to say, the recipe is incredible! Even with my slight struggle – the resulting kueh was delicious! I guess I was also fortunate to come into some authentic Gula Melaka from Melaka. So that helped. This is definitely a recipe I intend to make again, and again, and again.

550g water

400g Gula Melaka 

1/2 tsp salt

6 pandan leaves, knotted

250g tapioca flour starch

20g plain flour

2 tbsp alkaline water

550g water

250g shredded coconut

1/2 tsp salt

3 pandan leaves, knotted

1) In a large pot, bring 550g water, Gula Melaka, 1/2 teaspoon salt and the 6 knotted pandan leaves to a boil and let it simmer for additional 10 minutes.

2) Sieve together the tapioca starch and the plain flour.

3) Pour the hot liquid into the flour mixture while stirring continuously. Continue stirring until mixture is smooth.

4) Add alkaline water to the 550g water then add this to the batter and stir to incorporate.

5) Oil a 7″ x 7″ square tin and line with cling wrap. (Original recipe uses a 8″ x 8″ tin but my steamer was too small.)

6) Strain batter into the prepared tin and stop pouring when the depth of the batter is about 2cm. You will have additional batter that you can pour into a smaller tray.

7) Steam the prepared tin in a steamer for 30 minutes.

8) Allow the steamed kueh to sit on a counter overnight, covered. This will allow it to set.

9) To prepare the shredded coconut, spread the coconut over a metal tray then sprinkle the salt over it. Place 3 knotted pandan leaves on the coconut and steam for 10 minutes.

10) Cut the kueh into cubes and roll it in the prepared shredded coconut.

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