Week 192: Banoffee tart

So I am totally going to go crazy with tarts for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, tarts have always been my favourite pastry, both to make as well as to eat.

I wasn’t sure how these will turn out as I have never lined a tart of this shape before. And I was really surprised that they turned out quite nicely.

Too lazy to think of the fillings, I decided to go with a tried and tested combination – toffee, banana and coffee. One note for the toffee, make sure to cook the toffee until it is nice and thick, so you don’t end up with runny filling.

Also, I finally opened up my precious packet of Mycryo cocoa butter, and it made tempering chocolate a total breeze. And I can attest to the fact that, even in this hot and humid weather, a properly tempered chocolate will not melt in your hands. Thank you for giving us Mycryo!

Prepare 3 baked pâte sucrée beurrée triangular tart shells

For the salted toffee

50g brown sugar

50g unsalted butter

200g condensed milk

Fleur de sel to taste

1 large ripe banana

1) Melt brown sugar and butter in a large pan. Try to keep the sauce to a thin layer so it cooks evenly.

2) Add the condensed milk and cook on low heat while stirring to ensure it does not burn. Cook until sauce has thickened, then add the fleur de sel as desired.

3) Slices the banana into 1/2 cm thickness and arrange it on the bottom of the tart shells. Then, pour over 55g of toffee sauce into each tart shell. Allow to chill in the refrigerator until toffee sauce has set.

For the chocolate ganache

40g dark chocolate couverture

60g heavy cream

1) Bring the heavy cream to a light boil.

2) Pour onto chocolate in a bowl. Let sit for a minute then stir until smooth.

3) Pour 30g of ganache into the tart shells over the toffee sauce.

For the coffee namelaka

85g white chocolate

1 gelatine leaf

50g whole milk

5ml liquid glucose

2 tsp instant coffee granules

100g heavy cream

2 tsp coffee extract

1) Melt the white chocolate over a water bath.

2) Bloom the gelatine leaf in cold water.

3) Bring the milk, instant coffee and the liquid glucose to a light boil. Remove from heat, squeeze out extra liquid from the gelatine leaf and stir it into hot milk until it is melted completely.

4) Pour 1/3 of the hot milk mixture into the melted chocolate and stir to combine. Add the remaining hot milk mixture and stir until smooth.

5) Add the heavy cream and coffee extract, and use a hand blender to emulsify.

6) Cover the namelaka with cling wrap and allow to chill in the refrigerator overnight.

7) Give it a quick whisk using the stand mixer just before using the next day to pipe blobs on top of the chocolate ganache. This namelaka recipe does not set as firmly as the pistachio namelaka.


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