Week 187: Salted pistachio praline tart

So I finally got my first perforated tart rings! And what a strange route they took to get to me! As one of my colleague was going for a work trip to Rennes, I decided to order these rings, have them sent to his hotel room so he could cart them back to me. But it was his second last day in Rennes and the package hadn’t yet arrived at the hotel and I was starting to get really annoyed.

One thing I have learnt about customer service in France – if you don’t speak French, don’t even bother! I just prayed and hope it would somehow arrived before he flies off.

Then, on the very same day, the French Vincent messaged me and asked if I sent a package full of “baking things” to him. Apparently as I have listed his address as “mon address”, the store decided to ship the items to him even though the shipping address was clearly entered as the hotel in Rennes! Long story short, he found another guy who was traveling to Singapore and the guy was nice enough to bring my stuff back to me. Although, Vincent said he had to repack as the order arrived in a box big enough to fit a 8-year-old child!

Back to the tart. Micro perforated tart rings are not as easy as I thought they would be to use. My first attempt ended up stuck to the ring! And because I am used to making the pastry rather thin, it all crumbled into pieces when I tried to pry it off the ring.

Thanks to Otto, I learnt that you need to butter the rings before lining them! And this time, just to be safe, I made the pastry slightly thicker. And they came out nicely. I decided to fill it with a layer of coffee mousse, loads of pistachio praline paste and topped with a thin layer of chocolate ganache. Simple, but so, so delicious.

For the salted pistachio praline

30g roasted pistachio

30g sugar

Pinch of fleur de sel

60g heavy cream

60g white chocolate

20g pistachio paste

1) Roast the pistachio at 200C fan for 5 minutes.

2) Make a dry caramel with the sugar.

3) Stir the fleur de sel and roasted pistachio into the golden caramel.

4) Pour onto a silicon pad and allow to cool.

5) Once cooled, use the food processor to process into fine powder.

6) Melt the white chocolate and pistachio paste over a bain-marie.

7) Heat the heavy cream and stir the hot cream into the melted chocolate. Then stir in the powdered pistachio praline.

For the chocolate ganache

50g dark chocolate couverture

55g heavy cream

1) Bring the heavy cream to a light boil.

2) Pour over the chocolate in a bowl. Allow to sit for a minute then stir until smooth. Use immediately.

To assemble

1 baked 19cm x 7cm x 3.5cm pâte sucrée beurrée tart shell

50g coffee mousse

1) Pour 150g of salted pistachio praline into the tart shell. Allow to chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

2) Pour the coffee mousse on top of the pistachio praline and chill for an hour to set.

3) Fill the rest of the tart with the chocolate ganache.

4) Fill remaining ganache into pastry bag. Cut a small hole for the tip and drizzle it over the tart.

5) Decorate with some diced pistachios.

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