Week 185: Tarte au chocolat Jacque Genin

Was recently chatting with a friend and she asked if I spend a lot of money on my baking hobby, what with all the different ingredients I used. And I realised, apart from the basic butter, sugar and flour, the only other ingredient I always have in stock is chocolate. So I told her, it’s a good thing I’m really only fascinated with chocolate desserts, so, the monotony helps keep my cost down.

So, here’s a simple dessert for the chocoholic in all of us! This recipe is from Sharon and it is absolutely delicious. I never really noticed it before, but, there really is few things better than a freshly baked tart filled with luscious chocolate ganache. Honest.

I used my go-to pâte sucrée beurrée for the tart shells, so it is basically a simple tart filled with chocolate ganache, dusted with some cocoa powder. I guess the magic is in the chocolate ganache. And of course, eat it fresh. It is always best fresh.

For the chocolate ganache

220g heavy cream

200g dark chocolate couverture

1) Bring the heavy cream to a light boil.

2) Pour hot cream over the chocolate in a bowl. Let sit for a minute before stirring until the ganache is smooth.

3) Distribute the ganache evenly between 4 x 8cm tart shells.


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