Week 185: Rye cheddar sourdough loaf

Nobody likes a loser who gives up, but, after baking sourdough loaves for more than 2 years, and not really understanding my starter, and not able to get the texture I want, I think I owe it to myself to stop this sourdough charade. At the end of the day, my daily schedule is just not conducive to nursing a starter and I just cannot bring myself to change my routine to work around it, so it’s a deadlock.

I was about to throw away my starter, but after a few weeks, I realised I love my daily sourdough breakfast too much. So, I decide to give it another go. To put in a bit more effort, I decided to try the 12-hourly feeding schedule. Which means bringing my starter to work to work. I fed my starter a grand total 5 times before using it for this loaf. And while it is still not perfect, it is definitely better than my last loaf, and it made a perfectly lovely breakfast.

Any tips on how to take care of a dormant starter will be very much appreciated.

Autolyse: 340g bread flour + 45g rye + 9g salt + 270g water; 2100 18th Jan

Starter feed: 20g starter + 50g bread flour + 50g water; 0730 19th Jan

Dough: Autolyse weight + 100g starter; Start knead: 5 min + 5 min; 1445

1st fold: 1530

2nd fold: 1630

3rd fold: 1730

Pre-shape (+ 50g cheddar): 1845

Shape: 1900

Bake: 2230

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