Week 174: Rye cheddar sourdough loaf

Whenever I travel to Europe, I tend to stock up some cheeses, because it is just so much cheaper there! So during my last trip to Malta, I bought so much cheese that my chiller is full of them!

And since I have discovered just how much better my regular sourdough breakfast is with a bit of added cheddar, you’ll be seeing this new breakfast staple for many weeks to come.

Autolyse: 340g bread flour + 45g rye + 9g salt + 270g water; Refrigerate; 0900 19th Aug

Starter feed: 20g starter + 50g bread flour + 50g water; 1000

Dough: Autolyse weight + 100g starter; Knead: 5 min + 5 min; 2040

1st fold: 2115

2nd fold: 2145

3rd fold: 2215

4th fold (+ 50g cheddar): 2245

Shape: 0020 20th Aug

Final proof in fridge: 0030

Remove from fridge: 0910

Bake: 1145


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