Week 157: Rye sourdough loaf

Apparently using whole grain flour in sourdough “cuts” the delicate gluten strand. Last weekend, after making a small tweak to my formula by sifting out the large whole grains, I finally got an okay-ish looking loaf.

My loaf still spreaded like a splat just before I put it into the oven, making scoring and handling a total pain. Anyone with advices would be much appreciated.

Remove starter from fridge: 0700 16th Feb
Starter 1st feed: 30g starter + 20g flour + 20g water, 2000, bubbles observed

Starter 2nd feed: 50g starter + 30g flour + 30g water, 2230 16th Feb, back in fridge

Remove starter from fridge: 2200 17th Feb

Started 3rd feed: starter + 15g flour + 15g water

Autolyse weight: 340g bread flour + 43g rye + 2g sifted whole wheat flour + 278g water

Autolyse start: 2230 17th Feb

Autolyse end: 0745 18th Feb

Dough: Autolyse + 30g water + 10g salt + 130g starter

Knead start: 0750 (5 mins + 5 mins)

Knead end: 0805

1st fold: 0845

2nd fold: 0915

3rd fold: 0945

4th fold: 1030

Preshape: 1115

Final proof: 1130, in fridge

Remove from fridge: 2300

Bake: 0115 19th Feb


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