Week 153: Chocolate brownie and passion fruit mousse

When people are tired from work, they drink. When I am tired from work, I crave for a good dessert. But since my weekend is super short, I had to make do with what is in the freezer.

I had leftover passion fruit mousse from a few weeks ago. And it took less than an hour to whip up a delicious brownie (no chocolate chips and baked in a 7″ x 7″ tin for 12 mins at 160C fan) and a new batch of my trusted pâté sucrée beurrée from Pierre Hermé. So there is it, rich chocolate brownie, enrobed in tangy passion fruit mousse, covered in dark chocolate glaze, set atop a pâté sucrée beurrée disc.

Funny story, I hitched a right with my colleague after our work trip on Friday, and as I was too lazy to go to the grocers, I asked if his wife could spare an egg for my brownie. And she spared me two! I found out that evening how difficult it is to transport raw eggs without proper packaging.


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