Week 151: Cheesecake Mosaïc

My last bake for the year (yes, this is also for the Christmas Eve potluck). This is one of the most complex cheesecake in my repertoire, and the most complex flavour too, with 2 separate layers (baked and non-bake) of pistachio cheesecakes embedded with macerated sour cherries.

For the chocolate, I melted 200g of white chocolate and separate about a quarter of it in a different bowl and colour it red by adding red oil-based colouring. The coloured chocolate was then drizzled onto an acetate strip and allow to set. Then, a layer of white chocolate is applied onto the same strip, covering the coloured drizzle. This is then placed around the side of the cake and allowed to set in the refrigerator. 78g of pistachios were toasted and ground to cover the top of the cake. Although, there’s quite a bit leftover so next time I’ll probably grind up 50g.

This year has been rather eventful, to say the least. Met a lot of new people – at work, at home. Made some new friends, that makes me wonder how life could be without them. Reconnected with some old friends and wonder how amazing that despite the years, the chemistry stays exactly the same. And sadly, loss some friends that made me think if I should have tried harder, or, if there is anything I could do differently.

But life goes on. Despite a lot of downs in 2016 (and not just for me!), at least the year managed to end on a high note. I managed to spend the last 2 weeks with some of the most important people in my life and it is difficult to explain how much that meant to me. 2017 is not going to be easy, but, I believe, with each new challenge, we discover new strengths within us. And the people around us, with their support and encouragement, they make the discovery journey all that more fun and enjoyable.

Cheers to 2017, and all the challenges it dares to throw at us!

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